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Suntex Ind. Group Overview

Suntex Ind. Group has been a global leader in the apparel and textile industry for over 20 years. Founded in 1992, it employs a staff of 1500 individuals.

With headquarters in Hong Kong, Suntex has offices in Nanjing China, Dhaka Bangladesh and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Suntex manufactures a broad range of textile and apparel products for several global brands and retailers.

Our value added services begin at procurement of raw fibers, and culminates with the delivery floor-ready products delivered to our customers designated distribution centers.

Suntex Group is comprised of three seamlessly integrated business units, housed under one roof.  They are: Suntex Fabrics – our textile division, The Sourcing Place (TSP for short) – Product development services and Oceanic Garment Factory – our in-house manufacturing unit.

In 2011, Suntex Group’s annual revenues exceeded US$ 80 million. We are poised to grow by 25% in 2012.